Where I’m From

Just for something different, I’m trying out a new writing exercise. This is from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

Where I’m From

I am from big hair and Aqua Net, from Atari and grunge.

I am from the East End, playing “Chicken” on Dorey Street and riding my bike to the community pool in the summer. The Valley, where in high school I would moo at the cows and pass Amish buggies.

I am from the buttercups on the family farm, rubbing a bunch under my chin, the dandelion, blowing away the fluff and thinking of all the wishes that will never be.

I am from the generosity of Aunt Shirley and determination of my parents to always “know the best for us”.

I am from the long line of nomads, womanizers, and drunks on one side; farmers and churchy churchers on the other. And somewhere I’m in between.

From being told I talked funny and can’t see straight. Always being the last one chosen in gym because I was an uncoordinated klutz.

I am from a little white church on a dirty road. Vacation Bible School, church choir & being a Christian Clown. Now I barely remember my Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I’m from the country and the trailer park, Swanson dinners and McDonald’s.

From the station wagon (riding in the way-back) road trip vacations to relatives, the extra special vacation to the beach when we probably couldn’t afford it, and the one time in my life I had detention because I joined in a food fight.

I am from the pieces of our family tree. Census sheets, military records and cemetery headstones. A daughter of the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWII and Vietnam. Knowing that as I find out more about one side of the family that history will not repeat itself.

Mama's Losin' It


About OneLoCoMommy

I live in Northern Virginia and and I look like the stereotypical suburban mom, for better or for worse. My son plays baseball and takes karate (albeit adaptive). My daughter is a gymnastics diva but rolls with the boys in T-ball. I've been a Room Mom and Playdate Coordinator. I work full-time, try to work out, and love my Book Club. However, I also blog on my experiences on our ASD, SPD and ADHD journey while trying to be a better parent advocate. All in a life's work.
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10 Responses to Where I’m From

  1. Very well done, well written.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.


  2. Love this! Oh I remember atari…good old days 😀


  3. Denise says:

    That was awesome! I thought about doing that prompt but being away from my desktop, it seemed too hard. Glad you did it!


  4. Dena says:

    This is good. Very good. Miss you!


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