Making Sure.

Nowadays, I feel in the span of a day I am always “making sure” of something.

For “This is Autism Flash Blog” today, I will be sharing some of my “Making Sures”. This is not comprehensive by any means, but this is our life.


Making sure that there’s enough time if I have to change from “Plan A” to “Plan B” or “Plan Abandon Ship”.

Making sure shirts are either tagless or cut off. Making sure the material is not too itchy. Making sure he can either pull up pants or can easily snap together.

Making sure his shoes aren’t “too loose”.

Making sure that his headphones are in his backpack.

Making sure that when we leave the house we double check to make sure we have everything we need for the day.

Making sure to warn him (if we can) that something is going to change from his routine.

Making sure that if we can’t warn him in time of a loud or sudden noise that it’s ok to be scared.

Making sure that when he’s scared, frustrated or mad he’ll try to take his deep breaths, take his break, or walk away.

Making sure he always puts on his “listening ears”, to practice “quiet hands and feet”, and to use his “indoor voice” at school.

Making sure he does get a chance to express freely his emotions at home…no matter how loud, chaotic or frustrating to us.

Making sure that he has the resources he needs at school.

Making sure his teachers and providers are always up to speed on any new behaviors or oddities that have suddenly sprung up.

Making sure the lights aren’t too bright. 

Making sure to encourage his interests, even if they are not your ideal at the moment.

Making sure to redirect him if his interest becomes too fixated.

Making sure that he always attempts a “thank you” bite. Even if he doesn’t want to.

Making sure at bath time that we tell him to tilt his head back; otherwise, he is reminded of how soapy water feels when it gets in his eyes.

Making sure we as parents don’t become frustrated at some incident involving fluids.

Making sure he gives his little sister a hug each night. Actually, this one is not hard to do.

Making sure he gets plenty of hugs.

Making sure I allow him to try as many opportunities as possible, whether in an adapted or typical setting.

Making sure people see that autism is a spectrum and one person with autism is just that – one person with autism.

Making sure that no matter what, he is our son and is our life.


About OneLoCoMommy

I live in Northern Virginia and and I look like the stereotypical suburban mom, for better or for worse. My son plays baseball and takes karate (albeit adaptive). My daughter is a gymnastics diva but rolls with the boys in T-ball. I've been a Room Mom and Playdate Coordinator. I work full-time, try to work out, and love my Book Club. However, I also blog on my experiences on our ASD, SPD and ADHD journey while trying to be a better parent advocate. All in a life's work.
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