Goodbye 2014…Hello 2015!

Two hours left in 2014. I think I can get one more post cranked out. 😉

Today, for those of you that follow the blog, is B’s birthday. That’s right – he is a New Year’s Eve baby. Or “tax deduction” baby for you financial types. Anyway, he is now seven years old and I’ll be doggone if he is not so much the little kid anymore.

Reason #1: He has decided no more race car bed and now he has a bunkbed.


Reason #2: He has decided no more adorable Curious George murals in his room and has prompted Husband to repaint the room.
Reason #3: He now has a savings account in his name.

Both he and I have grown a lot in the past year. The blogging has been topsy turvy, but I’m still here. I haven’t been able to focus, especially at home. Every time I sit down to write, something inevitably comes up.

Dealing with the loss of my dad was a big blow. I’m still dealing with it – but in a good way – transferring stuff to Mom’s name only (and her new personal checking account) so she has autonomy over her finances. Moving down here has been an adjustment for all of us. I don’t think Mom was truly prepared for living with an autistic child. I mean, there are days I have issues functioning on my own accord!

My sisters drove to our house to celebrate Christmas, ironically, on the one year anniversary of Dad’s death. While bittersweet, I think he was happy we were all able to get together on happier terms.

Right after that visit, the whole family went down like Dominoes due to the stomach bug. And, I will leave it at that. 😉

On Christmas Eve, we lost yet another member of our family. My mom’s sister, her only living sibling, passed away. She was only 77, but also had the same kidney challenges as Mom. I had to quickly scrap a flight together to get her down to Texas, which is where she was born and raised. It hurt so much that I couldn’t go.

After getting that news, poor Curtis started getting sick. So sick that I spent early Christmas morning not playing Santa, but hanging out in an animal emergency clinic. For whatever reason, Curtis was filled with, of all things, gas. He certainly didn’t eat anything strange – but the coughing and retching caused some major backlog in his system. That was not a pleasant Christmas surprise – but he has recovered and relaxing nicely on our couch.

Resolutions? I wish I can sit down long enough to think about it. I’m tired, and various body parts ache. I will continue to be a mere observer in the journey of B.

Thanks for riding along, and see you next year!


About OneLoCoMommy

I live in Northern Virginia and and I look like the stereotypical suburban mom, for better or for worse. My son plays baseball and takes karate (albeit adaptive). My daughter is a gymnastics diva but rolls with the boys in T-ball. I've been a Room Mom and Playdate Coordinator. I work full-time, try to work out, and love my Book Club. However, I also blog on my experiences on our ASD, SPD and ADHD journey while trying to be a better parent advocate. All in a life's work.
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4 Responses to Goodbye 2014…Hello 2015!

  1. So sorry for your loss.
    I wish you all the best for 2015. Happy New Year.


  2. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2015!


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