Another Year, Another IEP Update.

20140414_205800It’s that time of year again! Time to meet with the school regarding B and his IEP. This year is a little easier because we didn’t have to go through reassessment. That was the good part.

The not-so-good part is that I wasn’t notified in a timely manner from the Cross-Cat teacher. On a Monday evening, I received an e-mail from his teacher to have a meeting. She gave me three dates that week In fact, his IEP was due…oh…that next week.

This makes sense, as Husband recently asked me why he has a hold in his calendar with the school. I hadn’t a clue, so he deleted. Turns out we actually had planned out when we thought we were to meet with the school…the school just notified us a bit late.

Gah. Already, I am annoyed. I know, technically I could have been a real…well a you-know-what because of the lack of written notice, but I’m feeling kind. Besides, the winter was not kind on the teachers and staff either.

So I get the draft and quickly skim it for review. Overall, everything pretty much is still in place. At the IEP meeting I sat around with his Kindergarten teacher, the Cross Cat teacher, the AP, and the OT.  It was very cozy in the AP’s office. :)

We discussed his recent issues and obsessions to try and see how he processes information. I emphasized some of the challenges we still face – especially on handling his emotions. B gets frustrated so easily and especially if it’s a long activity or it’s something he doesn’t want to do. Transitions still give him pause, and when there is a change – just watch out!

What I’m most concerned about, however, is the transition to first grade. It’s a whole new ball game when you hit first grade. There are real desks, though that might be good because he’ll have “his” space. But there’s lunchtime – the sensory noises of the cafeteria can be an issue. Or the more time spent of the school model “Pathways” which is concentrated on reading and writing. If B is not interested in group work or concentrating…good luck.

So, we drafted some new goals, with my disclaimer that once the school year gets started – it might have to be adjusted. I made sure OT services remain because those are so important. All the other accommodations (movement breaks, visual schedule, etc.) stay and I added small group testing to his long list.

All in all, not too bad. However, I hold the right to rescind that thought once next year starts!

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Winding Up, Here Comes The Pitch…

Spring has sprung (and hopefully will stick around) and that means it’s another round of sports.

After soccer last fall, B started talking about baseball. He seemed interested especially after going to the baseball game last May. So we gave him a choice for Spring – soccer or baseball. He chose baseball.

Of course, this warms Husband’s heart – anything sports-related is up his alley.

Like soccer, Loudoun has a team for those with special needs – the Challenger division. Like TopSoccer, it’s a great program for all abilities.  But after much talking, we decided to place in regular Little League – Tball, that is.

We decided Tball because it would be a good first step to see how he likes it. We chose, for lack of a better word, “regular” league because we think it would be a good challenge. If it doesn’t work, well, we can say we tried.

Of course, I told Husband he’s going to be the one to accompany B to practices. I am not athletically inclined – unless you count Zumba and memories of marching band. I trip over my own feet, for goodness sake. You cannot count on me to make sure B learns how to catch a ball.

Husband is excited that his boy is playing ball, as typical dads are. He bought plenty of new equipment. He’s been working with some skills training. B seems to be having fun. That is, if he’s not trying to interrupt Husband talking or becoming frustrated when he swings and misses.

Saturday was the first practice. Of course, the snow (now melted) from this week has done a number on many of the practice fields. Checking this morning, many were closed. So, obviously I was anxious – all this waiting…and no practice? That would devastate B and create some mass chaos in our household.

But – the field gods shone down on us and they had practice. There were 7 other kids on the team and they spent the practice learning “fundamentals” – including simple things like staying on the base.

So there’s this…20140322_114207

And this…2014032295115741

And this…


And Husband said B did pretty good. B was very proud of his shirt and hat too – he’s a Bat!

Now this is just the first practice. We haven’t made it to a game yet. But we are hopeful, so that is ok, right?

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Three Months.

Vacation 2011

Throwback Thursday: Grandparents with little Mayita, 2011

Today marks three months since Dad died. I miss him every day – his smile, his voice, his presence. There are still really hard days – like a local man’s obituary that read eerily similar to Dad’s (same age, diagnosis, Vietnam Vet, etc.). Or how I know he won’t be physically here for his grandkids accomplishments.

It’s also the first day of Spring. It’s also International Happiness Day.

I’m hoping that the sunny weather today leads to brighter days ahead.

In the meantime, I’m playing this song ad nauseam today because it makes me smile.

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Yeah, I haven’t been around.

I haven’t looked at the blog in weeks. In fact, it took a couple of attempts to remember my password to login.

You see, it’s been a tough time. And this time, I just didn’t have the energy to write anything about it.

Life just got in the way. Here’s a recap:

Life Without Dad

Working through Dad’s stuff has been…interesting. Maybe eye-opening is more like it. Mom was suspicious that Dad kept a lot of stuff from her. And…she was right. Not anything truly outrageous (like he bought a boat or something) but Dad loved the Internet. And online shopping. And Ebay. And Amazon.

Amazon he loved in particular – he not only held a Prime membership but also had a variety of subscriptions that renewed automatically. That would explain an order that showed up at the house in January for K-cups and individual bags of potato chips.

Mom is nowhere near computer savvy (I relish success that she has actually used her new email address from the tablet Dad gave her) so I am the one to research and give her advice. I also have Dad’s laptop which I’ve been going through various e-mails and changing what passwords I can. I’ve been on the phone with various companies to sort out the mess. Now poor Mom is getting letters from credit card companies asking for payment for things she had zippy knowledge.

I give Mom lots of credit – she understands what she has to do and is making a great effort to change and close accounts. It’s harder since she’s up in Pennsylvania and the weather has not been great (more on that later) but she’s doing ok.

I have to start planning his “burial” service. Since he was cremated, we were working on logistics on where to have him placed. The church has allowed us to bury him on top of his dad (my grandfather).

I miss him a lot.

And I’ll have to do their taxes again. Continue reading

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