Izzy and B, Surfers Healing Virginia Beach 2014

Izzy and B, Surfers Healing Virginia Beach 2014

Two weeks ago, B got to surf again.

I speak to the high heavens about Surfers Healing but I can’t help it. It’s an amazing organization that does fabulous camps for children with special needs. Professional surfers take time out of competitions and travel around the country working with kids of all kinds of challenges and struggles.

You have the local organizations that pair up with Surfers Healing to handle the logistics, food, marketing. All volunteers that put their heart and soul into making kids that wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to experience catching a wave.

And yet, they all do it willingly and with a smile.

Oh wait, you DON’T know about Surfers Healing?

Well you have to read my past posts:

#OnePerfectDay – Surfers Healing 2013

Surfers Healing Part II: 100% Pure Adrenaline!

And then of course check out this video:

It’s also a testament to how wonderful Surfers Healing is, judging how their camps (FREE by the way) fill up within mere minutes. This year, B’s camp in Virginia Beach made the first move and made it a 2-day event. It STILL filled up in less than an hour.

B surfed on Day 1, early in the AM. Unlike years past, the sun shone brilliantly that day. Unfortunately, the waves were not quite as rocking.

B’s surfer this year was Kamu, who was patient and really took a shine to him.

Hang ten my good man!

Hang ten my good man!

Even when the fin broke on the surfboard, B was “working” with Kamu to fix it. :)

Supervisor B

Supervisor B

Kamu then had to calm B down after he unexpectedly tried to surf on his own, tumbling forward over the board.  B, needless to say, did not like that. At all. It took some time to get him settled. He went out a few more times but after that we stayed on the beach.

B and Kamu Davis, Surfers Healing Virginia Beach 2014

BUT he enjoyed himself, and that experience helped him at the beach when he had his own boogie-board.

He told me that he doesn’t want to do it next year, on account of “all the somersaulting” (his quote). So we’ll wait and see. I explained that it happens in the summer so he doesn’t need to worry about it for another year!

On the other hand, I want him to continue but he is getting old enough to express his wants and wishes. I have to expect AND respect that.

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Never Will Forget You – Tribute to Avonte Oquendo

Originally posted on Taking it a Step at a Time - Autism:

Avonte Never Forget

RecentlyI had theimmense privilegeand honortolisten tothe beautiful and heartbreaking song written in memory of Avonte Oquendo, by his uncle, Rocopera. Even over the telephone,it was apparentthat thelove he has for this child is immeasurable. The pain of this loss will never be healed.

“This song comes from a broken heart”

His heart IS broken – all of our hearts are broken. What happened to this beautiful child should never have happened.What happenedis every parents’ nightmare. Those of usthat havechildren with special needs know this fear all too well. We know that simple things like just puttingyour childon a school bus and sendinghim offto school can be terrifying. They are not with us, we are not in control, we are not there toprotect and take care of them. As the mother of an adult child with autism, I know this fear. I live this fear. – We all live this fear.

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Ain’t Got No Time For That (AKA: Why The Blog Is Quiet)

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

I did not plan to take a break from the blog. But sometimes, that’s what happens when life happens.

In May I accepted a new job in which I gained a bit longer commute and the inability to e-mail any drafts I work on during lunch (silly workplace blocks). I really enjoy the job though which is important and the people are great. Having an onsite cafeteria with free coffee is a nice touch.

We rescued a new dog. His name is Curtis and he’s a beagle. OH boy is he a beagle. :) He is awesome around the kids but needs work on things like…oh, not peeing in the house. Or walking on a lead.  Or not destroying blinds/gates/crates, etc. Sigh.

This is Curtis, the newest member of the family.

This is Curtis, the newest member of the family.

In May I also got my gallbladder removed. Apparently I had six gallstones of various sizes lodged in my gallbladder. No wonder I was in pain and cranky. Feeling much better now.

Before I started my new job I traveled to Pennsylvania to bury my dad’s ashes. My mom then decided she will move in with us after Thanksgiving. She did not want to stay at the farm for one more winter which I cannot disagree with. There’s been a lot of work transferring assets and accounts & getting her to discard things that she just doesn’t need.

June marked the end of Kindergarten. We started a new routine  – taking B back to Paxton for summer camp. The change causes me to get home later in the day – triggering a rush to make dinner, baths, etc. I’m so exhausted in the evenings the best I manage is a little TV and Candy Crush.

June also marked 10 years of my mom’s kidney transplant (yay!) and 6 months of my father’s death (obviously not yay). I hate that he’s not here to see the kids grow up. Every once in a while there will be a gentleman that will remind me of Dad and my heart hurts again.

My aunt (mom’s sister) is now failing in health so my mom traveled to Texas for two weeks to help out. She is in renal failure – she has similar kidney issues as my mom. Miraculously she is still kicking but sadly  it’s only a matter of time.

June also marked a tragic event when our local autism community mourned the death of a little boy, Paulie. My heart hurt so much for his family and really brought home losing your child could be. My mom’s move date was bumped to the end of August so that she will now get B from the bus.

July marked a well deserved break in Vegas for Husband and me. However, M also developed Hand Foot & Mouth right before we left (evidenced by the blisters that showed up when I called my mom when we got to the hotel). Poor mom dealt with B on break from school and M’s painful mouth sores.

We signed B up for developmental flag football. He’s had a couple of practices and it will be interesting to see what happens. M might end up in gymnastics, given how many times she gives me a heart attack climbing and swinging over things.

My older sister has now made it onto the kidney transplant list. I hate having the genetic markers for kidney disease.

Now we are at the beach “enjoying” vacation (as well as you can I suppose). We participated again in Surfers Healing a few days ago. As you know, this vacation isn’t for parents as we are playing referee, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, etc. – albeit with a nicer view.

Copyright Thirty Three Photography - B with his surfer Kalani Brown (2014)

Copyright Thirty Three Photography – B with his surfer Kalani Brown (2014)

After we get back that’s when the big rush before school starts. B will be a first grader – full day school for him now. B now seems to struggle with anxiety on top of everything else going on. Sadly that is something I am expert on but adds a challenge when two anxious people have to work through it.

I hope to get back on a routine. However, judging by the fact that it took me almost a week to write this (between wrangling kids and driving) who knows?



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Throwback Thursday: Welcome Summer!

Always was a big fan of the beach. B in South Carolina, 2009.

Always was a big fan of the beach. B in South Carolina, 2009.

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