Throwback Thursday: Welcome Summer!

Always was a big fan of the beach. B in South Carolina, 2009.

Always was a big fan of the beach. B in South Carolina, 2009.

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Wordfull Wednesday – Kiai!

For those asking about B’s adaptive karate class – here is the video of the demonstration from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

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RIP Paulie.

I’ve written last year about the wandering epidemic and the risk of drowning by those on the spectrum.

And now it has hit too close to home for me.

On Friday, the last day of school, B’s former after-school program held a party. It was supposed to be a pool party to celebrate the end of the school year.

One little boy wandered off while they were getting ready. The adults realized he was gone – by the time they found him he was in the pool. First responders were called but it was too late. The little boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Another angelic life lost through a senseless and tragic accident.

Though B didn’t go to this program this year, I’m still part of the community. I found out on Saturday night through a fellow mom. The boys that were at that party had to witness the paramedics, the ambulance, the panicked looks. I know that they are traumatized.

Today, media reports have started to come out. Besides the local media, it did make the Washington Post – along with two other drownings in the area.

I know that little boy and his mother and I’m heartbroken. We always try our best to keep close watch on our children – but no one expected this. What a tragedy – and something we as a community have to work to prevent in the future.

I’m still in shock. I keep looking at the pictures on a FB page and I’m distraught by even imagining losing my B. I cannot fathom what the little boy’s parents are going through.

In just a blink of an eye – your life can change forever.

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Ready Or Not – First Grade Here B Comes.

I mockingly joked on my FB page that Friday was the autism trifecta:

A. Last Day of School

B. Friday the 13th, and

C. A full moon.

With that in mind I sent B off to his last day of Kindergarten.

Last bus pickup of the year!

Last bus pickup of the year!


If you're happy and you know, flap your hands!

If you’re happy and you know, flap your hands!

20140613_073042Also this morning I spoke to his Resource (or Cross-Cat) teacher. She gave me the update on his BIP and just wanted to let me know what a joy he is. She said that he made significant progress over the year and he has improved in do many aspects. He successfully got himself back into mainstream (both for Kindergarten and aftercare). Obviously, it was not without a lot of struggle and frustration. But he came through!

Then, I got a call from the Room Mom. I know her – but not too well. Pleasant lady though. She left me a message that B told her she was a great Room Mom and thanked her at the end of the year party for the cool stuff. She was really touched from his gesture – I have a feeling few are not as tuned as B to those things.

Finally, another mom sent me a picture of B with a couple other boys from the party. One is a boy that lives a few houses down, one plays on the same Tball team, and another boy. When I look at that picture, I don’t see B’s challenges swimming in the NT world. I see a boy, smiling with his classmates, sharing in a moment.

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