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The Wooden Anniversary.

Nowadays, getting a few moments of peace and quiet is as challenging as doing the American Ninja Warrior course. Regardless, I just remembered that we passed another milestone. Every year there is something to be said for eventual progress for our kids, … Continue reading

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Why I Will Always Worry About High School.

I’m high strung by nature,  but there is a reason why I will never stop worrying. You want your child to succeed.  Maybe they want to play a sport, maybe have friends,  date,  etc. Then you read a bullying article … Continue reading

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Jaws Mouth.

Sometimes, it takes a little extra effort to get those toothies moving. Hence why I was at B’s special needs dentist today, a mere month and a half after his cleaning. See, his front two bottom teeth seemed to be … Continue reading

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One Week Down…Gazillion More To Go.

(Picture posted above is B in front of our house. He’s holding a sign that says, “First Day of School September 2, 2014”. He is wearing a bright red Rabbids Invasion shirt that his grandma got him) The mantra is, … Continue reading

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