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The Wooden Anniversary.

Nowadays, getting a few moments of peace and quiet is as challenging as doing the American Ninja Warrior course. Regardless, I just remembered that we passed another milestone. Every year there is something to be said for eventual progress for our kids, … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon Is Over.

Now that the shutdown is over, time to return back to our typical autism/ADHD/SPD struggles. Hence the post title. I have been waiting for this day. You all know it – when the other shoe drops and now you are … Continue reading

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My Autism Awareness

Author’s Note: I am linking up with themommymess today and recycling one of my “old” posts for you to read. In honor of Autism Awareness (and Acceptance) Month, this particular post was last year’s thoughts. For better or for worse, they haven’t changed. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Here we are. The big day. Kindergarten registration. The day I wasn’t sure was going to come, given our struggles the past couple of years. Now, his teachers say, it’s time for mainstreaming. And I did it. Waited over 2 … Continue reading

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